Some of you may recognize this dog, he sure has visited many classrooms and met a lot of people through his years. He is Wrigley the Wonder Dog ❤, certified therapy dog who has focused on visiting classrooms with kids to teach humane education.

Wrigley is also an amazing little companion dog to not only his human family, but his animal friends that include cats, other canines, chickens, horses, and a guinea pig. In October 2019 he will be 12, and really that is a guess because he was adopted after being rescued as a stray HBC (Hit By Car). It was October 2008 around the same time the Micheal Vick story started going viral and his adopter (the director of EPIC Outreach) helped to rescue him off the streets. Jessie instantly fell in love with Wrigley’s sweet disposition despite his injuries from the car encounter and she was afraid that he would be killed based on his looks and suggested breed of pit bull.

Let’s switch gears here as I (Jessie) share this story and honor a great and true companion and friend. I write this for my own memory and to celebrate Wrigley today as his spirit is alive and full. I love him more today than ever before, he is what many would consider a heart dog. He has seen me through one of my biggest life changes when my world went from complete chaos and incomprehensible demoralization to a 360 degree turn. Wrigley was that constant companion through ups and downs of life. Wrigley has moved three times with me and each time we added more dogs and cats and he has never wavered on his willingness to accept and go with the flow. When I was living alone in my apartment I would tell Wrigley all the time about my dream to have a horse and a farm someday. I would share that “one day Wrigley you are going to have a horsey brother.” He would just look at me with that pittie smile as a if he knew that one day it would come true.

As the birthday celebrations passed year after year and Wrigley started to age, I would shift the conversation and tell him he had to “live into his golden years because one day soon I was going to have a horse and I want him to meet him.” This year in 2019, the year that Wrigley turns 12, we (my husband and I) finally bought a farm and I adopted my first horse. Wrigley got to meet Taz, a rescued horse to One EPIC Farm, this past spring. Tears flowed with joy at that encounter. Seeing those two animals meet and Wrigley’s first hesitation to fast forward today as he runs the fields of the pastures, a senior dog who is still going after all these years – nothing compares. We have been together since 2008 and lots of things have changed – cars, jobs, homes, guys, and my conscious. It is exquisite delight to have my faithful companion who has seen me at my darkest days to my most joy filled days – the days spent with my most precious treasures on earth, my (our) animal companions.

Wrigley has his issues, like barking for no reason, continuously at nothing. But there will be a

day when I will miss that bark, and so today I cherish the times he incessantly barks at what only Wrigley knows he is barking at. I love him and I love to see his big pittie grin.

As cliche as this sounds – take time to spend with those you love the most before they are gone. Writing and remembering them when they pass is great, but why not do it now while they are still here. We need more LOVE in the world so share your most cherished treasures and forget about anything else. LOVE is all that matters and Wrigley’s world is pure LOVE.