Do you have a farm animal in need of rehoming? Or maybe you found a potbelly pig running loose without a home? EPIC Outreach would like to help every animal in need, but with space and resources dictating who and how many we can help, we alone sadly cannot save them all. If you need help with a farm animal (specifically a potbelly pig) we ask that you first do some networking to rehome the animal on your own. You are the animal’s best advocate since you know him/her. We have created the following resources to help you find a new home for your pet pig (or any farm type animal):

To rehome a potbelly pig:
Be sure to do your due diligence to ensure you are placing your pet pig in a home that will be responsible and care for your pig.
  • Take time to check out the home where the animal is going to live. Do a home visit.
  • Talk to the potential adopter on the phone, meet them in-person.
  • Have the potential adopter come meet the pig before you visit their home.

When you share your pig on other sites to network for a home be sure to include good pictures and a good description sharing information like age, sex, is he/she fixed, good with kids or other animals, favorite things to do, favorite things to eat, quirks the animals might have, is he/she indoor or outdoor, do they know any tricks, are they potty trained?

You can post your pet pig on the following website to search for a home:

Facebook groups to post a description and share pictures (you may need to join the group):

Pig Family Rehome and Rescue
Florida Mini Pig Group
Eastern Snouts Pig Adoption and Rehoming
If you see a loose farm animal like a potbelly pig, goat, chicken, bunny, or horse running loose please call your local animal control or the sheriff’s department livestock officer. If you have further questions or need more help please email: or call 904-274-1177