Send a Magical Message from a Farm Animal Friend.

Do you have a loved who needs a little pick me up – maybe your family member, friend, or co-worker is feeling down and out on their luck. Maybe someone you know isn’t feeling so well. OR maybe it’s someone’s birthday, anniversary, or graduation! Whatever the need a Magical Message from a cute, funny, personable farm animal friend will be the perfect way to say Get Well Soon, Happy Birthday, or Have a Nice Day!

For a $30 or $35 donation choose a Farm Animal Friend (a horse, donkey, pig, chicken, cat, dog, or bunny) to send some cheer, oinks, woofs, neighs, and virtual hugs and kisses via a picture post card mailed to their mailbox or a video message sent to their email inbox!

It’s really simple:

  1. Choose between a 1- Minute Video message ($35) OR a Picture Postcard ($30) with a handwritten note that can be emailed or sent in the mail (I mean how fun to receive a picture post card of a farm animal friend).
  2. Pick a Farm Animal Friend – a horse, donkey, pig, chicken, cat, dog, or bunny and tell us in the comments the type of animal (or the animal’s name, if you have a favorite).
  3. Click the MAGICAL MESSAGE button below, pay, and include the following in the note section:

WHO – the name of the person to receive the message

WHAT – the animal you wish to have the message sent from (type of animal or the specific name of the animal)

WHEN – Tell us the date to send it

WHERE – Tell us where to send it (include the address to mail it or email address to send it)

WHY – and tell us what the message is for – Birthday, Anniversary, Get Well etc.

For a $30 or $35 donation you can send the best Get Well message or Birthday Surprise, or maybe a Valentine’s Day Love Note! Whatever the message is, it will be extra special coming from a rescued farm animal while also supporting the care of the animals living in sanctuary at the farm!

Email epicanimals2015@gmail for Details and Instructions to Send Your Message