Welcome Fall! Isn’t it the most wonderful time of the year? Or perhaps I am mistaking this festive time for the Christmas holiday! In any event, Fall does bring out the better side of people. It is the season when the weather begins to cool (at least we hope for a hot relief), and preparations are made to slide into holiday cheer.

A former New England-er (well I am still, but I am one of those who believes that home is where the heart is, and for me currently that is Jacksonville, FL), I love when Autumn sets in, and the leaves begin to change. The smell of fireplaces being used waft through open roads as I run with more ease. Being a runner is challenging in the dead of the summer, barely being able to breathe, and sweating your fanny off! Fall is the time when children head back to school, and pets are left with an empty house, missing their summer playmates! What a great time to remember and take a little extra focus to be sure that your pets safe as you transition the new season. Think about the cold weather poisons used to keep life rolling such as antifreeze. This deadly liquid has a sweet taste and animals like to ingest it which leads to very complicated (and expensive) veterinary care, or worst yet, death. Become aware of what plants are good or bad for pets and steer clear of those that might tempt a nibble from your favorite feline or curious canine. Check out this informative article by the ASPCA for a detailed look at preparing your pets and home for a safe Fall season.