Why God? Why do heinous things like this happen in today’s world? A question I’m not sure I will ever have an answer.

Because of that, I will continue to support the bravery of people like Marc Ching, who risk their lives to reveal and uncover, for hopes of change, the bloody torture chambers that occur daily in places like Asia, Korea, Yulin, Cambodia, Indonesia, and China.

I am a dog owner, who understands the intelligence and sentient nature of dogs. So much that it baffles me that anyone could do anything harmful to a creature with such awareness and sensitivity.

However, I will be the first to admit that it’s pretty hypocritical to tell one culture they can’t eat one type of animal versus another when “we” (the general population, not I) kill farm animals for consumption daily. BUT where humanity ends is when an individual completely and deliberately exerts control and manipulation for the purpose of torture to another living, breathing, feeling soul (human or animal). Torturing an animal before death through extreme fear and pain because of a belief that it will taste better is beyond anything comprehensible.

I am just baffled. I cannot wrap my brain around it. My teeth clench and my stomach knots when I look at the photos, much less watch any of the videos. Wait, I won’t lie. I cannot view the videos. The rage that wells up inside of me when I see the pictures is enough. I can’t even fathom being present to witness these sickening acts. The people committing these vicious acts are fear driven and ego boosting. I want to STOP the people doing this and ask them, “What’s up dude? What happened to you that you must inflict this type of control and pain on another less fortunate victim?” It’s utter barbaric when a human being exerts authority and power over another by taking away their only means of defense (wrapping the mouth shut, tying their legs together, stapling them to a wall). Animals were created for our comfort and enjoyment. Our integrity as a human is witnessed by the way we treat our animals, “A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal” – Proverbs 12:10. My conscious is present, and if you’re a human living and breathing, yours is too. It doesn’t make any sense that anyone with a conscious could do such things to another; dog, cat, cow, pig or chicken.


Marc Ching is the founder of Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation (AHWF). While AHWF is a nonprofit based out of LA, their “focus has recently been on rescuing dogs from the Asian Dog Meat Trade. From the slaughterhouses and torture chambers where the use of cruel and barbaric methods are practiced to kill dogs in order for their meat to taste better.” The Compassion Project is Marc’s next planned trip to Asia in June where he will spend time visiting five countries and eight regions. It is the “last stand. The push against the dog meat trade, and the festival in Guangxi Yulin.” The festival in Yulin on June 20th will attract many International media and activists who will be protesting the dog meat trade. Marc’s mission is to shut down the slaughterhouses, raise awareness, and either bans the dog meat trade or set in motion compassionate practices. He will continue to capture footage of the torture that these dogs endure before death with the intent to unveil the heinous acts committed on these innocent animals. Marc is risking his life each time he enters a slaughterhouse, but he says it’s worth it if it is going to end the ugliness. He is a compassionate individual. He is a person with a family, a wife, kids and several rescued dogs.

What separates Marc from the rest is that he has a calling that goes deep within to do something that will make a radical difference for the dogs suffering at the hands of ego-driven people. Everyday Marc is torn with walking away for the sake of his safety and the responsibility he has for being a father and a husband. But that calling, the dogs he has witnessed die in brutal and unjust ways gnaws at every fiber of his being, and he knows if he doesn’t strive to put an end to the torture of these innocent animals the violence will just continue with more and more dogs dying a senseless and meaningless death.

The dogs and Marc need our help in the days leading up to the Yulin festival and afterward. You can help by: · Introducing Marc to a government official. He needs to arrange a meeting with people in authority to whistle blow these heinous acts. It is believed that the government has no idea the magnitude of such atrocities happening. · Do you know a celebrity or a high powered figure that can get the word out? Marc is looking for someone with a presence that will help to spread awareness and call attention to this important issue. · Raising awareness is critical to change. Visit and LIKE AHWF’s Facebook page. Share the message on your social media. Please visit the AHWF website and tell your friends.

Thank goodness for people like Marc, who put their lives on the line to save the innocent. Take a moment and become aware of the things happening around the world. It is when we know better that we can do better. Out of sight and out of mind is not an excuse anymore. The curtain has been drawn, and it’s time to shine the spotlight on this Hell on Earth for our canine companions. Prayers for Marc in his upcoming travels for safety and strength to do this brave work so desperately needed.