Sights, sounds, and smells are what you will encounter when you visit the education farm sanctuary, One EPIC Farm. Things like lush green grass pastures, gardens of veggies and flowers, and animals from pigs to horses, chickens, cats, dogs, and a bunny will greet you with scents of earth and sounds of oinks and crowing. The farm is a very magical place that when one spends just a little bit of time in it’s presence, they take away a whole lot more than the senses provide.  People soak up the energy of love and compassion that exudes from the 7-acres.

And that is the essence of the WHY behind EPIC Outreach and One EPIC Farm.

It is all about connecting people to animals in a magical place, outdoors where they absorb the natural energy of being in nature. A visit to the farm grounds people to earth in the presence of animals who live life from a place of relaxation and love. The animals are always shining their lights willing to share their rescue stories told through the caretakers at the farm. It is through those stories that seeds of kindness and compassion are planted.

Nothing compares to seeing a small child or even an adult meet JIMMY the Yorkshire pig and be blown away by his friendly, silly, and personable nature. JIMMY is enormous and has no idea how big he really is. He can be intimidating to some, but to many he quickly becomes a favorite. JIMMY is the type of pig people eat bacon from. To watch people have a light bulb moment when they hear that JIMMY was being raised for meat. Luckily for JIMMY the family didn’t have the heart to send him to slaughter, and now his story awakens the conscious within so many people.

The farm serves to let people come to a place where they can unplug from the world for a couple of hours, relax with friends or family, submerge their hands into the earth through the interactions with the animals, and just reconnect their spirit back to its natural self. If people walk away feeling inspired to change how they eat or discover something for themselves through an encounter with one of the horses then the farm served its purpose. But if people simply come out to meet the animals to just get away from the banter of life and they feel refreshed after visiting then the farm served its purpose.  Education is at the forefront of the mission of EPIC Outreach, but that also includes educating our minds, bodies, and spirits. Planting seeds of information through the stories of the rescued animals teaches people about being better stewards of the planet, being better pet parents, and treating all animals with kindness and love. But there is also the kindness that one gives to themselves by taking care of our spirit, heart, and mind.

The WHY behind EPIC Outreach and One EPIC Farm is to provide a safe space for animals in need where people can come connect with them. Animals have a great purpose to inspire us to be better versions of ourselves in how we treat each other, animals, and the planet. When we are kinder and more compassion humans than the world becomes a kinder and more compassionate place to exist. EPIC Outreach exists to inspire that for ALL.