While walking on the beach (June 2017) I witnessed a homeless man dressed in tattered clothes dancing in the ocean. He was happy as a clam as his feet splashed about. As I watched him enjoy a simple pleasure, I was quickly presence to an overwhelming compassion and love for this beautiful child of GOD. On that same day I stumbled upon a balloon washed upon the shore and I thought, how many other people walked passed this balloon and not one person stopped to pick it up?

I started thinking, I don’t want to just represent animals, nope EPIC truly stands for creating COMPASSION for people, animals, and our environment. While there is a heavy focus on animals; we also want to raise awareness for the entire planet – which I think is so needed today. EPIC is about creating COMPASSION for all living things.

Here is what the new LOGO represents:

HEART – Compassion. We stand for sharing information to inspire and create a kinder world.

FOOT and HAND PRINTS – People and animals (all creatures from a spider to a whale). We stand for kindness toward all living things.

TREE – Environment. We stand to protect planet earth.