In Celebration of Earth Day 2019 we are kicking off a campaign that we hope you want to join. Most of you probably already do this, so it is just a matter of taking a moment to share what you’re doing with the rest of us!

In March we were asked to speak at the Girls Gone Green Veg Fest in Riverside (Jacksonville, FL) and our topic was ONE Action EPIC Impact. I invited those in the audience to bust outside their sphere of influence, push past that bubble of people they daily reach so that we as a whole can have a greater impact reaching a larger audience with that ONE thing that you are passionate about. Let’s face it we all have something that we want to see change, something that we stand behind and are willing to fight for – maybe it’s pets, wildlife, the environment, kids, art, reading, education, or the homeless.

My favorite quote of all time is, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world,” by Mahatma Ghandi. You have to be the change you want to see and sharing information with others is a great start. You can share an email, a post on social media, you can foster a pet in need and tell your friends who then might want to foster helping more animals find their forever home. You can use a metal straw and then have a conversation with your waiter/tress and tell them why you decline plastic straws and opt for NO straw or to use your reusable straw.

Your ONE action doesn’t have to take much. Giving up a bathroom or a small closet for a few kittens to hang out in is the difference maker for those little lives. Telling a friend about the yumminess they can encounter at a VEGFEST and inviting them to attend with you is simple and easy and doesn’t cost anything. Imagine the impact of planting the seed for change when someone shows up at a VEGFEST and learns about the impact on their health and the environment when they make a few changes in their daily life. Sharing a post about a pet in need or flyer on how to recycle by making a compost will have a huge impact and a ripple effect with a wider audience that views that post.

No matter what your passion is, take an action for change. It doesn’t have to be enormous or overwhelming. Small ONE Action steps can have an EPIC Impact, and we are asking you to let this EARTH DAY be the beginning of you taking action for a cause that will help animals, people, or the environment. We want you to share what you are doing with us, by emailing us at and we will share your awesome actions on our Facebook Page. You can also send us a Private Message through Facebook. Post it on your Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtag #ONEActionEPICImpact

We look forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to see what your passions are and how you’re making a difference in your community! Happy Earth Day!