November seems to always begin the holiday season. It’s the time of year that people gather around the table with family and friends to celebrate love and light of each other and the past year. It really is one of our most favorite times, the weather is cooler and there is just a JOYful spirit that lingers everywhere you go. The kind of spirit you want to bottle up and create all year long!

Pot Belly Pigs are the most common pig at the education farm sanctuary, and they are incredibly intelligent and smart. While most people view pigs as a “farm” animal which has a direct association with food, Pot Belly Pigs are not your typical meat pig. And pigs overall are way more than what you find on your plate.

EPIC Outreach as a whole doesn’t typically share or push the topic of plant based and not eating animals, that is not our mission or purpose. But we are committed to sharing about animals and inspiring people to raise their conscious levels and explore where their food comes from.

JIMMY JIM JAM is a rescued pig at the education farm sanctuary and he is what you would consider a meat pig. His breed is called Yorkshire, and he is just as intelligent and personable as the pot belly pigs. He, along with many of the pot belly pigs that call EPIC Outreach and One EPIC Farm home, know their name and come when called. They will sit on command, and they are housebroken. They truly emulate dogs and will run, play, and walk alongside you like a faithful companion, even wagging their tails.

Our health is one of the things that is important to our existence as a species and taking care of ourselves is important to a long happy life. I am not perfect, and I would never ask anyone else to be perfect. I didn’t wake up one day and start living a plant-based life. I lived for a long time as a vegetarian still eating dairy/cheese-based products. It took repetitive education and learning to figure out that I no longer wanted to consume animal-based cheese products. But I don’t discount all the years of being a vegetarian. Those years of mainly eating veggies, fruits, and cheese had an impact.

No one needs to be perfect, when we know better we do better, and when we do better we make a difference even if it’s a small change. The mission of EPIC Outreach will always be to connect you to the animals and see that they are individuals with personalities who are intelligent, personable, fun, and loving creatures. My only hope is that a seed gets planted and maybe the next time you go to eat pork, chicken, or beef you might choose to make a compassionate decision and try something plant-based. Each time you choose plant-based you are making an impact for the animals and planet even if it’s just once or twice a week.

I believe wholeheartedly that if everyone gave up meat products some of the time it would make a HUGE difference for the animals and the planet. Plant-based living is great for YOU health wise, great for the planet and greenhouse emissions, and of course it is great for JIMMY JIM JAM and his other piggie friends.

I invite you this holiday season to come meet JIMMY and his friends or take a trip to visit a local sanctuary where you will get to meet some pigs like JIMMY and raise your conscious for your health, the planet, and the animals! Really anytime is a great time to come and meet the animals. Email to schedule a tour today!

In Kindness, Jessie