Have you ever met a horse with a reputation for biting? Meet KODY, the horse who is known for his naughty ways, but KODY is proving that even horses with challenging pasts can become shining examples of kindness, intelligence, and love.

KODY’s journey began when he was rescued from being unwanted and unloved. His biting behavior is likely his way of being pushy and seeking attention because he was never loved unconditionally. Many had written him off because not only was he a little mouthy, but he was un-rideable too. But KODY’s story is one of redemption and transformation, showing us the power of perseverance and compassion.

While KODY’s biting behavior is something his caregivers work on daily, it is not the defining characteristic of his personality. In fact, KODY possesses a remarkable level of intelligence and an uncanny ability to grasp new concepts quickly. This intelligence has enabled him to learn a multitude of tricks, showcasing his true potential.

One of KODY’s favorite tricks is giving air kisses, a gesture that speaks volumes about his inherent kindness and capacity for affection. With just a visual cue, KODY will not only give a kiss, but he will shake his head too!

Through his tricks, KODY is teaching us about the importance of trust, communication, and respect.

KODY’s purpose on this planet goes beyond just performing tricks; it is to teach kindness. Despite his troubled past, KODY has found a way to connect with people, inspiring them to look beyond surface-level judgments and embrace empathy. Every interaction with KODY is an opportunity to learn about forgiveness, patience, and the power of second chances.

The transformation of KODY from a biting horse to an ambassador of kindness is a testament to the incredible work being done through EPIC Outreach. Through the dedication and unwavering belief in not only KODY, but  all of the other animals living in sanctuary, EPIC Outreach is illustrating the boundless possibilities that exist when we invest time, love, and patience into the lives of those in need.


KODY’s story reminds us that everyone, whether human or animal, is deserving of love and compassion – no matter their past. His remarkable intelligence, coupled with his innate desire to please, demonstrates that with the right guidance and support, anyone can overcome their past and find their purpose.

So, the next time you encounter an animal like KODY, remember to look beyond the surface. Beneath the rough exterior may lie a heart of gold, waiting to be discovered and nurtured. Let us all strive to be a little more like KODY – resilient, compassionate, and always ready to teach kindness to the world around us.

Note: KODY’s story serves as a reminder of the capacity for transformation and compassion that exists in all of us.