Why? What were you thinking at the time, you heinous creation of life? Why would you do such a thing to another? Was it ego? Were you trying to impress someone? Or maybe you just don’t have any respect for yourself. As I continue to scan the graphic photo of this poor opossum, two arrows protruding his helpless body, tears begin to well up. And then suddenly a burst of rage and anger erupts inside and an immediate desire to lash out in a screaming explosion of violence to combat the compassion pulling on my heart for this innocent victim with no defense or voice. As quickly as that rage arrives, a calming comes over, and the Christian in me emerges. I think, well maybe they were having a rough day. We all do things we regret, like reacting to a situation in the heat of the moment, right? Are you kidding me? NO!!!!

I mean let’s be real; we all have those heated moments. Just look at the last time you were driving on the highway in a rush to be somewhere and that slow SOB in the passing lane that would not go past the cargo truck traveling in the middle lane, blocking you? Don’t tell me a tiny bit of rage didn’t well up inside? Or maybe the person in the checkout line who has 15 items in the ten items or less line. In addition they forgot they didn’t bring payment to pay for those groceries that you just waited patiently for the cashier to ring up as you discreetly gritted your teeth. But in those moments of blood boiling discomfort, we don’t act out in physical violence causing severe pain or death to another. So why does one choose to hurt another?

“You should have taken a shovel to ‘em, they’re just a pest.” A disheartening comment plucked from the social media feed of this helpless animals post by his rescuer. And I am left to wonder what type of soul would make such a callous remark? Again, is it ego? Do some people think they are entitled more than another to exist higher? The poor critter was left to die a slow and excruciating death. I ask; “if it’s such a pest, why was it created in the first place?” I will never quite understand why some put a higher value on one creature and not another. Every living thing, from an insect or seed to a great white shark or redwood tree, has a purpose. Some may be like the bee who was created to pollinate flowers to grow food, while others like plants were created to provide fresh air. The same privilege a human has to stand, breathe, and exist is the same privilege that an opossum and any other “pest” that is perceived to interrupt ones self-righteous life has to stand, breathe, and exist. Somewhere along the generations of life people developed a mentality that not all life is valuable and this has unfortunately been passed down and taught generation after generation.

I am glad to know and firmly believe that this mentality is shifting because of people that rescue and shine the light on compassion. I give kudos to the veterinarian, animal control officer, and anyone else in involved in this innocent animals rescue. Thank you for taking the time to invest in putting a value on this soul, for seeing beyond the idea of a “pest” and seeing the animal as an individual with a purpose and reason for life. Right, because to that opossum it matters. Thank you for providing the surgery to save his life. Surgery and care for a “pest,” ha, that is how to win the war on cruelty. It is because of your kind acts that these atrocities of animal cruelty will begin to dwindle. The best way to fight violence is with love. An unconditional display of love with no boundaries will always supersede a negative act. That is not a theory. Kindness will always win and for this opossum, sweetly named Robin, kindness exploded.

Robin is currently being cared for by the Sunshine Haven Animal Rescue & Wildlife Rehabilitation Wildlife Sanctuary. Please check out their Facebook Page and consider making a donation for their outstanding efforts in helping wildlife. (All Photos Posted Courtesy of the Sunshine Haven Animal Rescue Page).