Following a passion isn’t easy ya’ll. It’s full of heartache, tears, sweat, sleepless nights and lots of time – endless time spent working toward that one thing you believe so hard in! It’s also FULL of JOY and victories helping others while making a difference!

EPIC launched a project this year to create a 2018 fundraising calendar to promote homeless pets like Max and Kylie pictured here. This creation will not only feature homeless pets, but promote a message of kindness and compassion c(something our world so desperately needs).

We have two months that still need sponsorship. The sponsorship is $325 for an exclusive AD for one month. We have June and August available. The funding is going to cover the cost of printing and graphic design. As a small nonprofit funding is limited. We are getting ready to pay for insurance ($750) to cover for a compassion camp we are holding in July for kids. This is a BIG step for EPIC as we take leaps forward in our growth. Those leaps are not cheap and we need help to stay afloat. We are passionate about creating change through sharing information and inspiring others to be kinder. We do this through children’s programs, our pet food bin, creating outreach materials, and participating in outreach events.

If you want to sponsor an AD – awesome! Please contact Jessie ( Please share this and tell a friend, business owner, colleague who you think might be interested. We so appreciate the help and support. #epicoutreach #pets #compassion #BeKind