What do you see in this picture? Yes, a mule who is brave, who finally after 19 days allowed a halter to be put on – that’s cause for celebration 👏

When I (me, Jessie, pictured with Teddy the mule) look at this picture I see all the flaws in my appearance. I ignore all the time spent, hours of patience working with Teddy to gain his trust, the bravery it took for him to let his walls down and let me in for a brief moment. I ignore the incredibleness of this beautiful animal that has surrendered and fully trusted me to put a rope around his face! I ignore that huge achievement we just celebrated, and instead I focus on how I look in that hat, my face is too puffy, I should have positioned the phone at a different angle yadayadayada!


I, the founder of EPIC Outreach have decided to open up and share my own insecurities with you as a big promoter of the#BeKind mantra and I struggle to BE KIND to myself at times. Why do I share that? Because EPIC Outreach is all about kindness and compassion for ALL things including ourselves, and kindness truly starts within. I know I am not alone in self criticism and I feel like it is something that gets glossed over in our humanness to strive for perfection in everything.


Let’s face it, we are all just another bozo on the bus living life day by day doing our best to be happy😊 Social media is an amazing resource and platform to share goodness and messages for change. So I will also share that while at first when I reviewed this picture I saw self-criticism, it is the next thoughts that truly matter. I have learned through the kindness vibe I like to emanate that my first thoughts are just thoughts, and when I push them aside and consciously choose different thoughts I have far better outcomes like Love and Joy.


So my second thoughts are, wow you look like your 20 in that hat and you’re really in your 40’s – go girl! 😘 Then, look at Teddy, he is a big ‘ole moose eating out of your hand like a puppy, great job!


I invite you to be extra KIND to yourself today. Choose kindness for you and those around you. Choos e to see the goodness in you and others ❤🙏❤ #BeKind #selfcare #jacksonvilleFL